Some supplies you need for print making.

 Printing inks or paints.

A rubber brayer or
a foam roller to spread paint. You could use a paint brush but it won't be as smooth.

A gelatin plate either a purchased one or a homemade one (recipe below).

A palette you can spread ink on. I use a cheap plastic chopping board but you can use a flat meat tray or any suitable flat surface.

Some of the stencils I use to make prints with. They can be cut out of paper, thin card, or plastic. I also use pressed plants but you need to be careful with these or they may stick to your gelli plate. Netting from vegetable bags is good. Also some wool or thick threads can be used to make interesting lines in your designs.

Homemade Gelatin Plate

177 mls of glycerin
236 mls of water
56 grams of gelatin

Sprinkle the gelatin on the water to soften it. Add the glycerin and heat gently until the gelatin is dissolved. Pour into a flat tray (mine is 23cm x 34cm) and wipe off any bubbles that form on the top of the gelatin. Leave on a flat surface to set then you can move it to the fridge to completely harden overnight. Your tray will be quite full with liquid so it is easier to leave it to set before you try moving it. When it is set you can remove it from the tray and place on a clean surface or leave it in there to make your prints.

 Examples of images you can print:

Cardboard circles and wool.

Wool that had extra pieces on it.


 Two monotype printed textiles

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