Saturday, June 11, 2011

A new art journal book

You can see how raised it is here. 

I made the cover for my new journal from two pieces of matboard. I had this textured paper that I had bought a while ago so I decided to use it for the cover. It is self adhesive so I just cut it to size and stuck it on the cardboard. I joined two pieces for the back cover.

I used Lumiere metallic paints to add color. I gave it two coats, as well as two cardboard frames I was going to use. The 7 gypsies brown paper tape was used to go around the edge because it was a little rough. I then stitched it to make sure it stayed in place as the tape wasn't very sticky.

The finished cover. I felt there wasn't enough color after painting so I sprayed the surface with glimmer mist. It ran into the crevices and added more detail.  I then used some of my large paintings that have been scanned and reduced in size in the frames.When I was punching the holes in the side of the cover to tie the book together I made a mistake and put the holes along the top edge. I thought the book was too big to flip at the top of the page (8 ins) so I had to put more holes in the left hand side. Then it looked funny with the holes at the top of the page so I added more holes around all of the sides and threaded the green string through.

It would look better without it but sometimes you just have to adapt your mistakes or else start over again and that just seems like a waste of time to me. This is the finished back cover.

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