Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inspiring Artists

When I was at my local art store I picked up these postcards of upcoming exhibitions. I really liked the paintings so didn't want to throw the cards away. I decided to put them in my journal as inspiration.

I chose two scrapbook papers for my book. They were a little brighter than I wanted so I sprayed them with adhesive and stuck on some tissue paper.

It came out a little blotchy and too much of the original color could still be seen so I gave it a light coat of white gesso. I still kept it blotchy but less of the original paper could be seen.
I then painted on two shades of blue Daler-Rowney pearlescent liquid acrylic. I thought it looked great and showed up the texture of the paper. I then rubbed on some green Viva InkaGold paint. It highlighted the original embossed paper. I stamped on some words using the liquid acrylic. It was just after doing this that I knocked over my brush washing water, completely saturating my work. After cleaning up the mess I had to give the paper another coat of paint and when it dried the tissue started to separate from the background. I stitched around the edge to hold it all together. I restamped the words and finished off the pages.
Emma Hack takes very intriguing photos. She paints the background then body paints a model to stand in front of it. She poses them with a real bird before taking the photo. You can buy prints of Emma Hack's amazing work at her website. Just search her name.

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