Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New journal page

I wanted to make a couple of journal pages so I started with some scrapbook paper that I didn't think I would use. The colors were very bright.
I used two colors of acrylic paint to give the pages a light coat of color. I didn't mind the original colors coming through.

It was when I was at this stage I found some videos from Journal Artista on You Tube. After watching her demonstrating a layered technique for making journal pages I was inspired to give it a go. At the same time I received a quote of the week email from the Where women Create website that I liked and wanted to include on my page.  

It is probably best if you watch the videos to learn the techniques but I will try to list the steps here:
1. Use a credit card to spread paint randomly over your gessoed page. (She always spreads gesso over her pages first).
2. Stamp images randomly with a waterproof ink.
3. Add more gesso to lighten the page and more paint if desired.
4. Stamp again with a different stamp and a colored ink.
5. Glue torn strips of decorative paper over the page.
6. Use an ink pad to add color to the paper and also on the page.
7. Stencil on gesso randomly.
8. Glue on collage items and pieces of border strips, Journal Artista likes groups of 3 items together.
9. Use a little brushed on gesso to make the items blend a little more. Spray the whole page with glimmer mist and let it pool and drip down the page.
10. Stamp again if you want the images to stand out more.
11. Use distress ink randomly over the page to add color and blend. Ink the edges of the page.
12. Write on the page using a ball point pen. I chose not to write on it.
13. I stitched over my page because some of the items were not sticking down and I didn't want them to fall off.

I only took 1/2 an hour to get to the stage where I could write on the page. I think it works better if you don't think about each step too much and just do it. I like the look of the finished pages. Journal Artista calls this the grafitti look and I think it fits. I will probably develop my own style of this technique as I continue making journals.
Page 6

Page 7