Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This week our atc background was made with glue. First we spread the white glue unevenly across the card with a palette knife leaving it a little thick in places. Then before it dries heat it up with a heat gun to make it bubble and stretch. When it has cooled down it can be painted with any acrylic paint you fancy. I used Golden fluid acrylics and they looked glossy when they dried on the glue. Windows were cut into the cards so the image is adhered to the back of the card. The images are from art magazines.

With this technique some of the card colour shows through the paint. This card was a black background with pink and gold applied. 

This is the same colours of pink and gold but it was done on a white background. 

This card looked like textured linen and some of that shows through the glue background. I highlighted some of the texture with metallic paints.

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