Monday, November 7, 2011

Faux encuastics with Jodi Ohl

I recently did an online course at creative workshops. It was faux encaustic with Jodi Ohl. The link is  I changed the design for mine. I don't like to make exactly the same thing as the teacher when I take classes and if I can will do my own work.

I used the same techniques but used images from Flickr that people have allowed to be used in art works. I will put the links for the photos underneath so you can download them if you want to. I won't go into details of the technique because that is not fair to the teacher but basically it is many layers of paper, drawing, stamping and mediums. It gives a look of wax encaustic without using wax. I still have to do a final layer of matte varnish but you get the idea.

It took a while to complete the canvases but I am happy with the final result. Even my husband likes them, lol.

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