Sunday, December 4, 2011

New online course

I have been slowly becoming more and more obsessed with online art classes. It started with Supplies Me with the lovely Jane Davenport where I learned to draw faces in a way I never have before. I did a couple of others after that and am currently doing I 'heart' drawing, again with Jane. This time we are doing the whole body and clothes, like fashion illustrations.

The first week we were experimenting with different body shapes.

The second week involved learning to shade a little. I will probably do more shading and patterns on this page when I have a little more time over the Christmas break. I am still amazed that I am actually learning to draw. I have never been able to before.


  1. Your drawings are fabulous. I too am becoming obsessed with on-line classes, they're so inspiring and easy to fit into life. I came across Jane Davenport in 21 secrets and I think I'd like to take her classes at some point especially if they help me to get results like this. Great work.

  2. Thanks Dee. I can highly recommend Jane as an inspiring teacher. She is a natural at passing on lots of great information and is very good at pointing you in the right direction. I started with Supplies me and if you look at my October post called "One journey ends.." you can see the vast improvements I made after that class. I am still in the middle of the I heart drawing class but I am learning heaps each week. It is all great fun. See you in Lifebook.