Thursday, January 26, 2012

New pieces of art.

I haven't been able to post very often lately but I have managed to get some work done while my visitors are here. They are moving out today so I hope to catch up with all my classes over the next week or two.

Today I finished the next page for the Lifebook project. It was about duality but as I believe we are made up of many parts I chose to do the page a little differently. The background was softly marbled with shaving cream and distress inks. The women drawn with pencil and coloured with watercolour tints. I like the soft look of the page.

I also done some new art journal pages for the I heart drawing course I am doing with Jane Davenport. The first one was to learn the seated pose.

 The second piece was about drawing a fashion face. I am really learning so much about drawing people with this course. This one is a little messier than I usually do.


  1. Hello! I've just discovered your blog and I wanted to say you do very beautiful artwork! I love seeing the things you are doing in Jane Davenport's classes. I really wanted to do her classes and Life Book but unfortunately finances say otherwise. I hope to continue to see your great artwork!

    1. Thanks Kristin. I know that Jane's classes will continue in the future so I hope you get to do them sometime. I never drew people before I took the Supplies Me class and have learned so much since I started on this art journal adventure 4 months ago.