Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drawing my heart out.

I have tried for a couple of days to load my latest Life Book page but blogger keeps rotating the photo so if you want to see it the right way up you will have to check out my flickr page. I think the colours makes the blogger uploader think it is a tree instead of a kangaroo! I can't even rotate it once it is loaded. It has frustrated me a little, lol. Can you tell?

Ah well, at least I can share some other work the right way up. I have just finished my 8th week of the Joynal course with Jane Davenport. This course marks a big development in my drawing of figures. I finally seem to understand where everything goes without too much thinking about it. This page has a piece of silk organza glued to the page first then Dylusion sprays were used with acrylic paint and allowed to drip. I sprinkled salt crystals onto the page before the paint was dry to get the spots. The mermaid was painted then coloured with pencils. The tail is PVA glue, heated with a glue gun (outside) and coloured with Golden Fluid acrylics and metallic rub on paints. In real life the tail is much lighter and golden but it didn't photograph very well.

I thought this was the final piece for Joynal but Jane has posted one more challenge for us so I will probably do that too.


  1. Wow, I particularly like the work you have done on jane's course - I may just take a look if this is the sort of fabulous work you can achieve.
    Wonderful stuff :-)

    1. Thanks Steve. I highly recommend Jane's courses. I have learned so much from her. I think it is because she always gives feedback on our work and that is the best way to learn and improve. Sometimes I even learn things from the feedback she gives others because I can see the same problems in my work too.