Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stretching myself with colour

I have decided to use colour palettes that I wouldn't normally choose for the rest of my Life Book lessons this year. It is a good way to experiment and have some fun.

This lesson was done with Adriana Almanza. It is meant to be a doll fairy, not really my style at all but I had a go with it. Initially I drew the face low on the page like the original lesson but decided it looked unbalanced to me so I ripped off the top of the page and put it back on at the bottom. I had to add an extra piece of paper because now it was too short. You can't tell in the photo but the wings are shiny too.

The next page was a lesson done with Samantha Kira. It is a collage style background that is more random and messy than my usual style but I like it. I chose a different colour palette this time. I picked 3 colours from my paint stash and went with those.

The last lesson was with Willowing. I used a transfer paper to apply the photo to the page but didn't put enough alcohol on it so it is a little patchy. The butterflies and flowers are serviettes. I used some dimensional paints for the metallic outline. This is another unusual palette, I got this one from Design Seeds (link is on the right).


  1. Fabulous pages! Your work is amazing me. These lessons you are following sound wonderful. I love the idea of using different colour combinations.

  2. Thanks Trish. The lessons have certainly improved my drawing skills this year. I know Life Book is going to run again next year, not sure how much but this year it was only $95 UK pounds. Pretty good value for one lesson a week. Even if you had no experience drawing faces you would learn how to with this class.