Sunday, December 16, 2012

Art is stopping the boredom.

When my arm was out of action for so long I couldn't do much. Watching art videos online did make me want to start doing something again so I was really happy when I got to use my right hand again. The following pages were done during that period.

 This lesson about the inner child was created by Sam Kira. It is watercolours, acrylics and pencils. I tried to do the eyes differently than normal but I don't like them as much. I will stick with my own style I think.

The next lesson was done with Tracy Verdugo.  It was meant to be an abstract style painting but I couldn't resist turning it into leaves. Acrylics and markers were used here. The shiny paint is the Luminarte silks paints. They are very cool. 

This whimsy lesson was done with Willowing. I used a scrap of material for the dress. The rest is watercolour and pencil. This is probably the first whimsy drawing that I have done that I really like.

The monochromatic lesson was created by Rhomany. I didn't want to use black because I had done that earlier in the year so I did it all with one blue inktense pencil except for the white highlights in the eyes. The image I used to copy for the pose was a magazine ad. 

Jane Davenport taught this lesson. It was mermaids but because I have done live lessons with Jane where we did a mermaid I chose to do a girl instead. It was one of the most inspired pieces I have done so far for Life Book. Some lessons get the ideas flowing more easily. Acrylics and pencils. 

The Christmas doll was a lesson taught by Adriana Almanza.  It was meant to be a Halloween witch but it was well into December when I did it so I made it a Christmas doll instead. This is another page started with acrylics and finished with pencils. I used a stencil for the border.  

The last page here was a watercolour lesson with Wyanne. We used masking fluid to cover areas we wanted to save while we worked on the background. After removing the masking fluid I used a limited amount of pencil to add some details. I had to put the quote on because I tore the page when I wasn't careful removing the masking fluid. I had a lot of fun doing this lesson. It reminded me how cool watercolours can be.

I may not make it back here before Christmas so I wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you get to spend quality time with all those you love.

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  1. Fantastic work! Merry Christmas to you too! :D