Sunday, June 23, 2013

ICAD Week 3

The theme for this week was stitch. I loved this week because I got to stitch on the cards. I find stitching on cards easier to do because you don't have to worry about tension as much as with material.

The first card I did used stamps in response to the prompt - postage stamps. I used a piece of dyed material for the background. 

Prompt - polka dot. I  used the hand made silk paper that I made at the craft fair in May for the dots. They were machine stitched on. 

Prompt - definition. I painted the background with acrylics then hand stitched the word on. The definition was printed with the computer. 

Prompt - Italy.  I hand stitched the whole card with thread. The pattern is woven and stitched on the card.

 Prompt - Summer.  I used some painted paper for the sea over an acrylic painted sky.

 Prompt - poetry.  The house is scraps of paper over an acrylic background. 

Prompt - stencil.  I stencilled the flowers on with acrylic paint but it was a little dark so I went over it with white. This made the colour run under the stencil a bit but when I outlined the petals with the machine stitching it covered most of the mistakes.

I don't worry about making a mess with these little cards because they are not a permanent form of art and it keeps me trying new things. I am very inspired by this challenge and am taking notes of ideas I want to try that I have seen from others sharing their art. I have seen a lot of wonderful Gelli plate printing so maybe I need to go shopping...


  1. Love your stitched cards, especially the hand-stitched one! Beautiful!

  2. I'm glad I clicked on your nail polish link! These are amazing, some I saw on FB but some I must have missed! I'm you latest follower. :)

    1. Thanks Rita. I have missed a lot on facebook too. It doesn't always let me see some people's photos.

  3. Just want to say thank you for all your fabulous tutorials, there is so much I want to try! I love your silk fabric, and the nail polish is just fantastic. I'm sure I have much more to read on your to find more inspiration.