Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Art of Wild Abandonment

Last year when I was going a little online workshop mad I signed up for the the-art-of-wild-abandoment-workshop. At the time my right arm was only just out of plaster and I found it a little tiring to complete so I stopped doing the lessons. I have recently gone back and finished the class. It was a lot of fun and really helped me with sketching, a skill I am trying to develop.  I am sharing the work I did for the class. We started off with sketches that I watercoloured and then moved onto mixed media.

 If you think you can't draw then this class will teach you how to get started. 

Radishes are such an interesting and yet easy subject to learn with. 

I got to use some of my stash of scrap paper for this one.

This page is one of my favourite art journal pages I have done so far. I love being inspired by great teachers who encourage individuality. Junelle, who teaches the class, comes up with so many ideas that I can't help thinking of experimenting with some of them.

More collage using unusual materials.

Scrap paper again. Love the use of collage on art journal pages.

A mixed media nest using strips of paper. I stuck a couple of rolled fabric flowers on the nest along with one I made with paper.

The last page I did for the class using paintbrushes as the subject. Inspiration just streams out of watching the videos and listening to Junelle. I have almost filled the journal I made for this class and it is my favourite to look through. I am usually a neat artist and this class really helped me achieve the more painterly look that I like. I am already signed up for Wild Art 2 but am probably going to put that on hold until after the latest class I signed up for. It is Junelle's summer class wild-art-summer oh-yes . I just can't help myself when I find an artist that I admire and love to learn from.

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