Thursday, June 6, 2013

The first week of ICAD is over already.

I have found so much inspiration from ICAD that the week has seemed to fly by. I love the freedom to experiment. If I mess up I just get another card out.

 This card's prompts were green and recycle. I used magazine ads for all of the page except for a little striped washi tape on the left and some recycled packaging for the word and swirl border.  I colored the packaging to match and added shading with pencils and pens.

 Prompts: blue and crown. This card was a pen sketch coloured with one Twinkling H2O (blue flame shade).

 Prompts: indigo and paisley. I sketched the paisley pattern in then colored it with Koi watercolors. The watercolors didn't blend as well as they do on regular watercolor paper but I don't mind the blotchy look.

Prompts: violet and calligraphy. I used to play with calligraphy a long, long time ago but haven't done it for ages.  I never had the discipline to do all the practice so I was only ever average at it. This challenge saw me getting out my old pens and cleaning them up so I could play again. The ink ran a little because I colored the card first with distress stain and it raised the grain on the index card making the surface a little rough. I don't care because it is only temporary art but it is something I will consider for other cards.

If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet consider it now. It is never too late to join and is 100% free. I am following the prompts but you don't have to. Some people are stamping, painting, drawing, collaging and doing all sorts of things. I am getting tons of ideas from others in the group that will keep me busy in my journals for years to come.

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