Thursday, July 11, 2013

ICAD week 5 cards

I have been forgetting to add my artwork to my blog lately. These are the grungy cards I made for week 5. The overall prompt this week was coffee/tea/neutral. I chose to go with neutral and made it grungy as well. I have enjoyed doing a different series each week.

 Prompt rainbow. I really had to think about how I could do a neutral rainbow for this card. The definition idea sprang into my head somehow.

 Prompt nail polish.  This is the card I did the tutorial for a few posts ago.

Prompt stripes. I was trying out the crackle on the cards.  I am still amazed at what they can withstand and still end up flat as long as I don't use a heat gun.

Prompt pattern. I used an old craft pattern for this one. 

Prompt monochrome. I used sepia ink on a lot of my cards this week. 

Prompt Harry Potter. I am not a fan of HP but I do know it is about witches so this was the easiest thing to draw.

Prompt portrait. I enjoy drawing faces, even grungy style.

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  1. These are great, they look so good together, too! It's really striking to see them all on one page.