Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wild Art Summer wrap up.

This week is the end of the Wild Art Summer class. The last few lessons I did are:

This lesson was a watercolor of sunhats on stands. I wasn't inspired by them so I did one of the summer photos I took earlier in the class. I love Iced Chocolates in summer. 

This page is almost entirely paper pieced with a little shading added with pencils. It was a bit different for me but I really like it. 

Sandcastles for me have to have a little sea weed and shells decoration.  I used tissue paper and fiber paste on different towers to add variety to the textures. Painted with acrylics. 

A garden angel project. The brown wall is a new feature in my front garden so I included that on my page.  I really love the way this page turned out. 

A quick paper and acrylics page inspired by the teacher's sketches. 

The final lesson where I so of went along with the class. The birdbath is done in pen and watercolor. 

I had some extra pages in my journal so I filled them my ideas of summer. This one is watercolor.

 I didn't like the final class project called bloomers so I did beach shacks instead. It is paper pieced, shaded with pencil and an acrylic background.

I don't think you can have a summer themed journal and not put ice creams in there. 

My final page for my summer journal. I used some home made paper to do the hammock with a strip of funky wool along the side for a fringe. The background is the ink sprays and acrylics. 

It was during this class and another one I was taking with Jane Davenport that I realised that it is fine to do the classes in your own style. Sometimes I struggled with getting pages done because I was trying to do the same as the teacher.  When I let that go and did things that inspired me I had no problems at all. 

I also noticed that after doing several classes with the same teacher I sort of feel like the classes become very similar. Eventually you are not learning anything new and it is time to seek other things to do. I have reached that point with a lot of the classes I am in now. I will finish them because I don't like to have unfinished work nagging my brain but I am not signing up for more lessons at the moment.

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