Monday, September 9, 2013

A new mixed media challenge.

I am taking part in a new challenge that goes for 30 days. It is just to make some art using the weekly prompts given. The first week was cups.

I didn't realise we were doing the same thing for the whole week so I did a large journal page for the first one, thinking I would do something different the next time.

I had already made art on this page but I didn't like it so I went over it with napkins and then painted on that textured surface. I sketched out the cups on some printer paper and then used that as a pattern to cut out the cups from different scrapbook papers. After I glued them to the page I used coloured pencils to shade them. The quote was done with 2 markers, one for shading. 

 I found these watercolor cards in my stash and can't even remember what I bought them for. I am going to use them for this challenge. This mug is one of the Jane Davenport Hug Mugs that I have. I picked the panda because I thought it would be the easiest to copy.

I decided to have fun and do some egg cups for this one. 
 I surprised myself with this painting.  I usually sketch while I watch tv at night. It is lucky you can't see all the erasing I had to do to get this to look right. Practice really does make perfect, lol.

I was given this recipe during the week on a game site that I am a member of. I haven't tried the recipe yet. I am having trouble finding angel cake mix here in Australia. 

Inspired by some of the other artists who have been putting animals in their cups. I went with a cute bunny. In one of the online classes we learned that putting a human eye on an animal makes it look whimsical and cute. I think I agree. 

My final cup for the week came out of my head. I couldn't get the teapot right so I googled it. Looking at it now I think the spout should be lower on the pot but it doesn't really matter.

Next week the prompt is flowers. I am going to have fun with this.