Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art almost every day.

Ever since I signed up for my first online class two years ago I have really begun to love drawing. I do it almost everyday now. This week the challenge prompt was Fall and then we also had daily prompts as well. I couldn't think of much for Fall so I did the daily prompts most of the time.

 The first prompt was Red. I got the idea for this page from this page 
It was in a book that arrived on the morning of the red prompt and it looked so good I had to give it a try. It is watercolor and graphite pencil.

 The next prompt was vintage. The only thing I could think of was the old sewing machine that I learnt to sew on.  I got a picture of it from google and sketched it, then painted with watercolor.

This one was for the fall/fruit prompt.  It is watercolor and a little masking fluid.

The prompt was blue so I had to try another of these ones. I really like this style of a bunch of random objects so I am thinking I may do a whole journal like that.

The prompt was to do a heart. I was going to do the flowers near the heart but somehow they ended up on the hearts and I had a string of them. I don't always know where the ideas come from.


  1. I love the paintings you do with multiple elements, like looking at a collection of things on a desk. Beautiful! I found your blog because of the nail polish rainbow technique. I think your painted glass cabinet windows are spectacular too!

    1. Thanks Stargirl. I am happy you found your way here and hope you continue on this wonderful arty journey with me.