Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some more art for the challenge.

I have been keeping busy with little pages of art for the mixed media challenge I am part of. I started the week with watercolor and ended with acrylics. The topic this week was flowers and when I was looking for photos of flowers to draw I came across an article in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine that inspired me. It had lots of flowers set up in country style containers. It was exactly the sort of thing I like.

 The daffodils in the photo were actually white but I changed it so they would stand out against the background. I love painting rusty things so I put them in an old bucket. 

The water didn't turn out the way I wanted because I painted it the wrong color so when I went over it all the white sparkles disappeared. I am continually learning from my mistakes. 

My first time trying to paint a basket. It turned out better than I thought it would. 
This was done with acrylics.  The lavender is simply painted with 2 shades of purple and white highlights. The paler flowers were painted on then blotted off before they dried. It left a ghostly image that I liked.

 I really liked the colors in the photo so this one is the closest to the original.
This one was not from a photo. It is a different style to the more realistic images I have done this week. 

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