Monday, October 7, 2013

A little more completed art.

These are the last few cards I have done for the mixed media challenge, although I mostly did watercolor. I have finished the challenge but I will continue to fill these watercolour cards with art because I really like the exaggerated landscape format. Also, I have a pack of 50 that I want to use up. I will put them on my desk for those times when I just want to draw something.

The prompt for this one was to use a font. I chose the jokerman font for my quote. 

I used 3 prompts for this card. They were bird, face and cupcake. I have really fallen in love with the idea of many unrelated items on one page. 

This prompt was orange. I used my Peerless paint cards for this one. I love them  because they are all transparent and I don't have to worry about any color being too grainy. They do take a little getting used to because they are staining colors so can't be lifted out.

I didn't have a prompt for this one but I chose to make it about green. I was experimenting with the Peerless paints again. 

The prompt for this one was paintbrush. This is what my peerless palette looks like. I have cut a strip off the end of each card and arranged them by color (not how I have painted it here) on a large sheet of watercolor paper. It folds in half and slips into my A4 size journal. Jane Davenport does something similar in a video on her website.

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