Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Inspiration from a photo.

When I was looking through a magazine recently I came across an article that was full of flowers arranged beautifully that I was inspired to paint. I have used a lot of those photos in the challenge I did a couple of weeks ago. There were 2 photos that looked complex so I thought I would attempt some larger pages with them because I really liked them.

This is the completed page in my journal. I started with a sketch and was surprised it turned out so well so I finished it off with watercolor.  I used a Koi travel set for this one. The wall was first painted with a creamy color then I used a tissue to pick up the left over paint and dabbed it on to look like texture.

Here is the original photo I was inspired by.  You can see I left a few things out and also spread it out more to fit my landscape sized page. It was great fun to try something like this, a first for me. Think of all those lovely images you have in your magazines. Of course you can't copy another person's  image for an item you want to sell but I think it would be okay for an art journal that is private.

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