Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inside cover page

I wanted my first page in the new journal to sort of match the colors of the cover because it will show through the transparent cover.

I went through my stash and found these Magenta Stamp Co stickers. They are not the colors I wanted but I can alter them.  I decided to cut off the antennae because I thought they looked a little top heavy. Dragonflies don't have antennae any way.

I used a palette knife to apply gesso through a stencil onto my page. I removed the stencil carefully and let it dry. 

 Meanwhile I colored the stickers with spray. They are cardstock so they colored well. If your stickers are shiny you need to sand them to take the dye inks. When dry I rubbed the Inka Gold over the raised parts of the sticker. I used old silver on the wings and a green color over the body. The stickers are now very different than the original.

My gessoed page is now dry so I used two pink paints over the page and a little bit of yellow spray.  I used a baby wipe to remove some of the color from the gesso so it would stand out more. 

When it was dry I put some washi tape on the page. I used the tape to hold the text in place that was stamped onto a piece of acrylic. I took the backing paper off the stickers and stuck them down.  I used Ice Stickles on the wings to make them sparkle more. That is all I want to add to this quick page. 

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