Thursday, February 20, 2014

52 card challenge

I am just finishing my last online class over the next few days so I will post some pictures of what I have been doing then. In the meantime I am still creating a card a week for the 52 card challenge. 

 The prompt was: Time.   I used a thick layer of gesso over the card and while it was still wet I heated one half of it with a heat gun. That made the bubbled texture, then I used some texture paste through a stencil to do the clock. When it had all dried I gave it a thin coat of purple acrylic and then I used blue, green and red metallic sprays for color. I did the same on the other side without the texture so I could do the quote with a silver pen.

 Prompt - embroidery. The background is acrylics and stenciled heat embossed silver swirls. The embroidery is an old cross stitch I did. A long time ago I removed the cross stitch from its frame because I didn't like the oval shape of the design. I coated the whole picture with "Stiffy" a fabric stiffener by Plaid. This allowed me to cut out parts of the picture without the whole thing fraying. I have used the pieces to make 3 smaller, modern framed images and had a few pieces left over that I put into my stash. I came across this fish a few days before the embroidery prompt was mentioned so I immediately thought of using it. Nothing goes to waste in my house, lol.

Prompt - pretend.  This is a photo of my children, many years ago, pretending to go on a picnic to the zoo.

 Prompt - key.  I have done a step by step for this card.

 I used 2 jumbo playing cards this time.  I cut a rectangle out of the middle of one to make a frame. The metal tape comes on a big roll so I cut off 2 pieces to use. If you can't get this foil tape (it is a plumbing supply) you could use metallic cardstock or foil paper. The key is a piece of air dry clay that I pressed into a key mold.  I left the extra clay attached.  You could use a real key or a key charm instead. 

I used the foil tape to cover the frame card. I tucked the extra foil around the back but you could just trim it to size if you want.  I then embossed it with a machine for texture. This is one of the cuttlebug folders.

I used two sprays to color the other card and also a piece of book paper. I let them dry. 

 Next I painted gold acrylic over the frame. Before it dried I used a paper towel to remove the paint from the raised surfaces, leaving paint in the grooves. I left it to dry.

Next I used the magenta paint on top of the gold very sparingly. I used the paper towel to remove the excess pink so some of the gold shows through.  I painted the key with the magenta but it was a bit bright so I went over it with brown too.

 I used a little of the gold paint to highlight the key. I glued the book paper to the back of the metallic frame. I printed the quote on a piece of scrapbook paper and used brads to attach it to the book paper. I then ripped a hole in the top of the book paper and rolled back the excess paper. I glued the frame to the backing card and also glued the key in place.  The card was done.