Friday, June 13, 2014

More index cards.

I am sharing the other index cards that I completed for week one.

Sticking with the overall theme of Text for the week I have added quotes to most of the cards.
 Prompt - puzzle.  I had some tiny jigsaw pieces in my stash so I picked out the brown ones and put them together in a heart shape to go with the quote I found. Background is blue distress paint.

Prompt - galaxy.  I painted this one in a similar way to the one I did earlier in the year for the 52 card challenge.

Prompt - nail polish. I cut out a nail polish magazine and added a quote.

Prompt - yellow.  I immediately thought of daisies when I read the yellow prompt.  I sketched them on the card and colored them with watercolor.  I spritzed the card with water to make the color run but it didn't run as much as I wanted.

I will try to share the week 2 cards soon.

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