Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 5 Index Card a Day

The theme this week was texture/stamps. I concentrated mainly on texture but also used stamps where I could. Sometimes I forget about using all the stamps I have.

 Prompt - California. My first thought was beaches but then I remembered I had these textured backgrounds I made on index cards a couple of weeks ago so I sort of did my own thing.

Prompt - red.  I used texture paste through a stencil for the background and then cut hearts out of the first card I had stamped and colored. I accidentally got green ink on it from the next card  so that is why I had to cut it up.  

 Prompt - flower bouquet.  I stamped two bouquets of flowers and colored them with markers.  I cut them put and put them together as a single bunch on another textured background.

 Prompt - coffee.  I used a coffee cup and real coffee to stamp some rings. I used a rust embossing powder on the rings. After I heated that I stamped some more rings and splashes onto the card.

Prompt - tomorrowland.  The first time we went to Disneyland we went straight into tomorrowland and got onto the Space Mountain ride. It was very scary because we had no idea that it was a pitch black roller coaster.  If we went again it wouldn't be so scary now. 

Prompt - Independence day or flag.  I was too lazy to draw the Aussie flag so I did some Tibetan prayer flags instead using embossed papers. 

Prompt - postage stamp.  I used a punch to make the butterflies from old postage stamps. I did feel like a naughty child defacing stamps at first but quickly got over that when I saw how pretty they now looked. 

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