Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 7 ICAD

I have some more index cards to share with you. The theme this week was animals, fish and birds. It was a fun week trying to incorporate one of those things with each daily prompt.

 Prompt - cello, violin.  I decided to use acrylics this week and do more sketching.

 Prompt -  Kokeshi Doll. I didn't know what a Kokeshi doll was until I looked it up.  I gave her a Kokeshi style pet as well.

 Prompt -  Dala Horse.  I am using the acrylics very thinly, almost like watercolor.

 Prompt -  recipe, formula.  I forgot to add an animal to this card. This recipe has been on the net for a while. The US version uses a packet of Angel food cake instead of Pavlova Magic which is an Aussie thing.  They both contain a lot of powdered egg white that binds the cake mix together. I am not sure what you could use in other countries.

 Prompt -  purple.  I did a unicorn like this in my journal a couple of years ago so I decided to do it again. I had to make it a lot smaller for my card.

 Prompt -  Matryoshka Doll. I own two sets of these dolls so I copied the faces of one set and simplified their clothing.  The penguins must be their pets.

 Prompt - pretzel or knot. I used pencils to add some shading on top of the acrylics for this card, as I did on the previous 2 cards.

After this week I looked at my cards and thought I really should be doing things like this in my art journal. In fact I should be doing anything in my journals. It seems I haven't done any pages for a long time. After ICAD ends I am going to challenge myself to get some more fun stuff done.

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