Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rescuing a failed art journal page.

This week the challenge for DLP was to cover up something you like and continue on to a finished page. I had a page in my journal that was already like that.

Sorry I only have a picture of the finished page but I didn't think of taking photos as I went. Initially I liked what I had done but thought I could change the color and then add a bit more stuff. When I sprayed the page to change it the whole thing turned to a horrible color. None of what I had done looked good anymore.

I ripped off all the elements I had glued to the page because they had turned a horrid color and looked at the torn paper left behind. I added gesso to glue down those torn bits and fill in the holes I made. The gesso picked up the sprayed dye color I had used in a way that I liked so I just added a little bit of acrylic paint in the same color to cover the areas that were still gesso colored. I added a swirl stencil with texture paste and it too picked up that dye spray so now it is a light blue color. I used a sponge to stencil flowers with Golden's Nickel Azo Gold paint. It was now a page that I liked so I used markers to add a border and a quote. It is simple but I really like it now. I am glad I changed it.

It is your journal so if you don't like something you have done then change it. If it doesn't work out keep adding gesso and starting over until it makes you happy. That is why we journal, isn't it? To make ourselves happy!

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