Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An abstract page

The word I used for my DLP page was ink. The prompt was 'before the ink dries' and I was going to try and do something with that but my ink was drying before I had time to do anything with it.

I coated my page with gesso first and let it dry. This journal I am using is like blotting paper and any wet media goes straight through to the next page if I don't gesso first. I took out 3 bottles of Dr PH Martins Bombay india ink to use (teal, brown and yellow). I used a paint brush to randomly apply some swishes of the yellow ink first. Uh was a lot brighter than I thought so I tried to use water to mute it but it was already dry and permanent. Next I put the teal right on top of the yellow and added a few brown swishes too. I sprayed water on top and tilted the page so everything would run together. While it was wet I flicked on a few brown dots too and then left it to dry. The next day I tried to find an image in the ink but all I could see was a few butterflies. I did them and then started outlining the painted shapes. After that I filled in some areas with doodles and added white pen doodles too. It is not my usual style but it was great fun to do.

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