Monday, June 22, 2015

Lots of creativity is happening...

I have been doing a lot of creative projects lately but I have not got around to sharing it with you lovely readers. Here are some recent works from the documented life project.

 The challenge for this page was to use stitching. I gessoed my page then sprayed on some color. I use acrylic paint with the stencil and then used the same paints and sprays to make a piece of muslin colored. When it was dry I used the sewing machine to sketch out some flowers. I cut them out and glued them to the page.

The challenge for this page was to use cheesecloth. I wanted to do a simple blob animal so I stuck the cheesecloth to my page in 2 blobs, one for the head and one for the body. I gessoed over the whole lot when the glue had dried. I used some runny watercolor paint to make blobs and blew it with a straw to get a rough shape of an animal. I used black pen to turn the blobs into a creature with a big smile. Very whimsical and crazy but it was great fun to do. 

The challenge here was to use texture paste. I really like the way this page turned out. I first painted the page blue and sketched out my drawing.

 I used a palette knife to spread the paste over the bottom of the page. I love to use Golden mediums because their pastes are extremely light and don't make journal pages heavy. I used crackle paste because that is what I had and I knew it wouldn't crackle on a journal page. It only crackles if it is on a tight or firm surface like canvas board.

Next I used that orange texture tool to make the clouds by running it through the paste while it is wet. I left it to dry overnight but it usually dries very quickly, sometimes in less than an hour. After that I used sprays and paint to finish the page and added a quote.

My watercolor page for April that I added into my journal. My main inspiration for this month was autumn and Easter.

The watercolor page for May was inspired by Mother's Day and also some flowers that were blooming in my garden.

The challenge for this page was travel journaling. I sketched some of the places I had been that week. I also added two textile pieces I worked on when I went to the monthly meetings of my textile groups. I used watercolors over gesso.

I have also been doing the ICAD challenge at the Daisy Yellow blog but will share those cards another day. I hope you get the chance to be creative this week.