Sunday, January 29, 2017

A new year has begun...almost a month ago

I have been away for longer than I thought. I was creative but have not spent much time online. I did some dressmaking (too boring to share) and a few other textiles and art journaling. Today I will share the art journal pages.

This year I wanted to do more painting so I decided to do the Lulu Art colour me positive challenge. It is one page a week using the quotes provided or not.

This first page was a quick one to do. I looked around my desk and found the daisy on paper towel that was made when I was painting on fabric and the paint bled through. I made a background to suit and wrote the quote on washi tape strips I had stuck down.

Kylie (owner of Lulu) also now gave us a list of Daily prompts to use if we want. I decided to randomly choose 3 of those prompts to make my pages. I like having directions about what I need to do on a page because it focuses my thoughts and don't get a blank page block.  My prompts were: watercolor with salt, use your left hand to start and use circles. I drew my circles with my left hand then did the watercolor.

This page was drawn without lifting my pen off the page then colored in with watercolors. I also made it distressed looking by flicking paint everywhere, even on myself! The prompts I used were: draw a single continuous line all over the page, make credit card flowers and distressed or vintage look.

My final share for today was this page where I used the quote provided. I also used three of the daily prompts that Lulu Art have provided: Orange, use glitter on a page, and print out the words with a favorite font. It is hard to see the glitter but it is those white dots.