Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fun fabric journal pages

These are the final pages for my 2016 art journals. I made so many pages this year that I ended up making two books.

 This page was an experiment using the Prisme paints, inspired by the Workshop on the web lesson I did last year. It is very shiny so it hasn't photographed well. I used a stencil design and painted it with Prisme. When it was fully dry (about 2 weeks) I glued it to felt and used it to make this page. I have also added a couple of left over pieces of the forest floor page I showed in the previous post.

This is another of the Workshop on the web lessons. It is done on canvas and is a mixed media experiment. It is currently my calendar picture for the year so will end up in next years fabric journal. 

This page is a paper collage as inspired by Workshop on the web. I used a lot of paper I had previously printed and stitched it after I glued it to the page.  I added the quote with a permanent marker.

When I used mica spray to change the color of the background the printed surface became sticky so I sprinkled on embossing powder and heat set it. You can see in this closeup how shiny it is.

This is the cover of my second book. It is another one of the workshop on the web lessons and was a very experimental journey, my favorite kind of art. 

My finished books that I will show you how to make next time.

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