Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free lesson

If you have followed my blog for a while you know that I did the online Life Book class for the past two years and it is the main way I have learned so many different art journal techniques. I am not doing it this year because I am taking a break from classes.

Tam who runs the program has decided to share one of her lessons from this years class for free. Yes that's right, it it free. It is a great way to try the lesson and see whether it is your style of thing. I don't always do the lesson the way it is taught but I do normally use the same techniques. The lesson is only available for 1 week from 11 August 2014. I had a look and it is a very detailed lesson. There is two pages to do and all the worksheets are there to download too. Even if you can't watch the videos this week you can download them to your computer and do the lesson when you have more time or supplies.


Click on the link to go to Tam's page where she has the lesson.  This image is her page from the main part of the lesson. I have downloaded the lesson and will be doing my own version later in the week.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The final ICADs for 2014

The theme this week was paint. I decided to go free and not do prompts this last week. I did use book paper on most of the cards as well as acrylics.

 I highlighted a few words from the bookpaper and then quickly painted a few birds.

Another simple card made with strips of book paper.  I used Golden paints (yellow ochre and diox purple) and then finished off with mica spray. 

Angel was one of the prompts for the week so I sketched a quick one for this card. 

I used a stencil over the green paint to do the flowers, and outlined them with gold pen. I added a little gold embossing for interest. 

I used the stencils I made for the mono printing course to print my final card for the year. It turned out a little messier than I wanted but that is ok. It seems I have forgotten some of what I learned already. Lucky I have the videos to watch again.

ICAD has been a fun challenge to take part in again. It has been good to do small cards while I have been under the weather. I now want to do a few more random things so keep an eye out for more postings about that.