Art journal techniques

Whole page steps

Textured background

Stencil paste background technique

Credit card technique

Sponged gesso background

Using stencils on a page

I show how I did the background for this page

Textured gesso background

Tissue paper background

A simple technique using a printed napkin/serviette.

Using paint chips as the background

10 different lettering techniques I use

How I use pencils to shade a face

A simple watercolor shading technique

An unusual background technique using clear nail polish

How I do a grungy style technique

Using inks for art journaling

Stitching on paper or card by hand

Using felt ribbon on a journal page or card

How to find the image within a mess

Using foil tape on a card or page

Using gesso through a stencil

A fun mixed media technique that could be adapted to a journal page

Textured gesso background and stamping

Using book paper on a journal page

What to do when a page isn't working.

Using post-it note masks with paint.

Another textured gesso technique.

 Using fabric in an art journal.

Using napkins for images on a page

Doodling over a collage