Friday, June 15, 2012

A new course with Jane Davenport..

While I have been absent I have started a new online course with Jane Davenport. It is called Joynal and is about drawing fairies and other story book characters. We have been using serviettes to make backgrounds and using mixed media on nearly every page.

This first drawing was just a warmup drawing at the start of the class when we were preparing our journals.

This drawing is lacking shading and I want to add text so I will fix it when I have more time after the class is finished. I used stamp foil on the wings to give it a shine.

When working on this painting I had an ah ha moment about my art. I realised I have been drawing very stiff, pale people up to now and so added more shading than I used to. I am still working on the stiffness.

This page has some of the original illustrations of the altered book I am using coming through the picture. I added the animals and pixies. Again the figures are stiff looking.

I consider art to be a never ending journey of learning, experimentation and creative wonder. I am continuing to try new things with these online courses that I seem to be addicted to.  It is the sort of art lessons I have looked for all my adult life. At the moment I am doing the whimsy style of art but I have already seen some landscape watercolour art classes I want to try soon. Sigh...I wish I could spend all day, every day in my studio.

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