Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to choose a new colour palette.

Kylie Fowler (blissful pumpkin) taught the latest Life Book lesson which was a whimisical angel. I really liked her style so this one is very similar to her example. I mostly used watercolour crayons with a little pen and marker. The green hearts are cut out of material.

 I chose the colour palette for the angel painting using this colour palette from Design Seeds (link on the right). It is a great way to use colour combinations that I don't naturally choose. I start by going through the palettes on the website while I am thinking about my painting. I wanted to use orange this time so this palette appealed to me the most. I then find 5 paint colours that are similar to the original photo but I don't worry too much if they are a little different. I make sure they all work with one and other then start painting. Why don't you give it a go? Choose a palette that appeals to you and make a journal page. Put a link to your creation in the comments so we can see how you interpreted the palette.

The next Life Book lesson was with Tam. It is a free hand drawn Mandala. I did use a template to draw the circles but the rest is hand drawn. All watercolours and pen.

Next week I am having surgery on my right wrist so I probably won't be blogging for a while unless I can work the mouse with my left hand. The worst part is that I won't be able to draw for a while and I am going to be so bored. See you after I get the cast off on October 4, fingers crossed.

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