Monday, April 28, 2014

A few more quick cards.

I didn't realize it had almost been a month since I blogged. I have joined an art group this year and was told we had to have 4 paintings done by June. It now seems that date has been postponed a bit so I now have more time for the fun things. I have made a few more cards for the 52 card challenge.  I love making little pieces of art like these.  I find it very creative to make art for myself and not for potential future buyers.

Unfortunately I don't have progress shots for these ones but I can do tutorials if you want to know how to do a particular technique. Let me know in the comments section.

Week 11 - Vintage. This card is an acrylic painted background. I just put a couple of different paints on randomly with a brush and mixed them together a bit. I used an image from a free image site. The writing was done with a white uniball Sigma pen. It works on almost any surface as long as it is dry.  

Week 12 - seed.  I used strips of masking tape layered over the background card. I then dry brushed brown and green paint on so you can still see the texture of the tape.  The seed packets are stickers from my stash.

Week 13 - clue.  This is the queen of hearts card from my deck.  I kept her face and lightly painted over it so I could still see the lines then re-drew them. I painted a new hairstyle and outfit, then covered up the background.  It looked a little plain so I used a stencil to add a bit of colour to the background.

Week 14 - note.  The quote on the back reads "I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on them saying toys not included." I thought it was funny so I used a photo of a pack of batteries to make this simple card.  The background is embossed cardstock with a little ink to add shading. 

Week 15 - concept.  The quote on the back reads "Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big."  I used a card that had been covered with gesso. I painted the card with dark blue acrylic paint that had some gel mixed in to make it a little transparent. While it was still wet I dropped on some light coloured paint in the top left corner. I quickly covered the card with plastic wrap and then smooshed the lighter colour into the dark colour. It makes it look cloudy. I should have let it dry but I was impatient and took the plastic off too soon. It lifted the entire background off in some areas so I had to do the whole thing again. This time I left it to dry completely.  The background was now textured so I used very watery paint for the planet to highlight the texture that was already there. I splattered on watery paint for the stars and used a paper towel to blot them off. That leaves the faint marks that looks like distant stars.  I then splattered again for brighter stars and let them dry. The card was done.

Week 16 - pen.  I used a black tissue covered card for the front image. I used the white Sigma pen to sketch and doodle the image.  The back of the card was lightly painted with acrylics and the word doodled on top with the white pen.

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