Thursday, November 24, 2016

Angelina film

This year my textile group had another challenge that was called Reflections. We had to make an A4 sized piece inspired by the theme of reflection. An extra challenge was to use some Angelina fibers or film (also called fusible film) in the finished piece. I used the film to make the mirror in my piece called Young at Heart.

To make the mirror I used fusible web to glue the film to a scrapbooking paper doily. It gives that interesting lace pattern underneath. I also used the film with gel medium to cover two cardboard hearts and while it was hot I pressed a stamp into the surface. The stamp impression was left in the gel medium under the film.  It makes a great textured surface. The rest of the artwork is fabric and machine stitching. I made the old lady separately and cut her out before attaching her so she appears 3D. I used pan pastels for the shading because it was a little plain until then.

This page comes from another Workshop on the web lesson. It was a folk art inspired lesson by Anne Kelly. I don't have any antique textiles to use so I used an old quilt of my own that I have been cutting up to use in other things. I had to paint over the surface first because my folk art applique didn't stand out at all. I used Lumiere paint so you can see through it a bit in real life. It doesn't photograph very well but you can still see the flowers  underneath. I enjoyed the stitching but I probably won't do this one again.

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