Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting messy...

I have been getting a lot of art done lately because it is winter here and far too cold to go outside and do anything else. This is the latest little workshop I did at 21 Secrets. It was called Child's Play 2 by Alma Stoller.

I made some canvases using cardboard and paper. I have never been a fan of oval shaped canvases because I can't seem to balance the drawing properly. I did do one because it was part of the workshop but I don't think I will bother making any more of them. The other canvas was easier for me.

 Both are done with acrylics and marker. 

The next part of the workshop was an art journal page. I am making a landscape journal to see if it is easier to design pages for. I started with a collage of paper and a light coat of gesso and blue paint. 

Next I used spray ink with a stencil to make the background. I sprayed over it with water so it blended together in some areas. 

After stamping the page with some copper paint I stenciled the birds and swirls with more acrylics. They didn't stand out enough so I traced around the birds with pen. 

The birds still didn't stand out enough so I dry brushed a little blue paint over the background. Happy with that look I used a marker to write on the page. The final page has a little bit of the copper paint around the edges.

The second page I did for this class was done over a gessoed collage background. I made the tag and painted the face on it. I like the way this one turned out. The cut outs on the background were done from magazine pages. 

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