Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Different masking technique.

This week the challenge at DLP was to use repeating elements on a page. I did that last week so I must have been ahead of my time, lol. Thinking about last weeks page I wanted to do a less structured type of masking.

 I started my page by slapping on 3 colours of paint: purple, green and pink. I laid on some cling film to make a random texture then picked the film up carefully, turned it 180 degrees and laid it back on the paint again. That meant that the colours mixed on top of each other. I peeled off the cling film and let it dry.

 For the next layer I used some stencils and added some blue paint. It was a little dark so I added some white paint with same stencil in a different position. I use clips to hold my page down when doing this type of wet work in my journal. After it dries I remove them and my page is perfectly flat.

 For the final layer I used my die cut machine to cut out a variety of butterflies from post-its. I put them all over my page and then used a sponge to apply dark blue paint. Because I used a sponge this time there was a lot less bleeding under the post-its. The lines in the blue background come from a paper towel I lightly pressed on while the paint was wet. I stamped on some white butterflies in the gaps when the paint was dry. They didn't stand out enough so I went over them with white pen.

 My writing task this week was to write a word large and add smaller writing on top of it. I used a quote but it doesn't matter what you add because it will be hard to read. It just makes interesting patterns on the letters. 

My watercolor paintings for the month of February are summer themed. I like adding these extra pages into my journal.

This was an extra page I did that was sort of related to last weeks writing exercise. The idea was to add maps, book pages etc and do lettering on top of them. I added a map and then had a large area that was crying out for a painting so I used markers to draw a palm tree. The quote was done with a white pen.

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