Monday, November 16, 2015

Catching up with DLP

 Today I am sharing a few more journal pages.

 The prompt for this page was about what advice would you give to your younger self. I tried to paint the whole page using only acrylics but in the end added some colored pencil for shadows. I was experimenting with some lettering too.

 I used acrylics and pencils for this page. I started with a photo of myself but it looked odd so I made the eyes bigger and lowered the shoulders. I have been doing too many whimsical faces and want to do more realistic portraits but it is going to take me a while to get used to the different proportions. That might be something I concentrate on next year.

 I did a whole page transfer of a wildflower photo I took. I used TAP (transfer artist paper) paper for the transfer and it only partly worked because of the texture of the paper in my journal. It was hard to see the flowers so I went over them with watercolor pencils but left the background mottled. I was happy with the way it turned out in the end. 

 This page started out as another transfer. I covered a picture with gel medium and left it to dry then turned it over and wet the paper on the back. I rubbed the paper off to leave an acrylic skin with the image stuck to it. I think I didn't allow the gel medium to dry for long enough before I removed the paper. When I glued it into my journal the colors all ran together and it was hard to make out the image. I decided to keep this as my background. I painted some sunflowers using transparent Golden acrylics (I read the labels to work out which ones were most see through) and pen. I dabbed on some glitter glue to the flower centers because the prompt was about all that glitters. Another journal page done.

It seems that most of my journal pages start out with one idea that often goes wrong so I just keep going until I get something I like. There are no mistakes in art and if you learn to not worry about it as you are going along you will have a lot of fun. Happy creating and I will catch up with you next week.

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