Monday, October 3, 2016

Modern Trapunto.

One of my Workshop on the Web lessons was about trapunto.  The tutor wanted to make it modern so she used an unusual fabric.It was silk velvet. I tried everywhere here to get some but was unable to find it here because the shops only had summer fabrics in stock. I decided to try it using Panne velvet which is polyester and has a slight crumpled appearance. I came up with a design and had a go.

The velvet is very shiny so it was extremely hard to photograph. The purple color is more varied and darker than here and has spots of pink and blue on it too. I stitched parts of the background with my sewing machine and parts by hand. I wanted to see if they both worked as well and they do.

This close up shows how raised it is. The panne velvet had a stretch in one direction so I think that is why it has raised so well. I had fun with this lesson and will probably do some more. Next time I will probably buy the silk velvet because it looks so luxurious and intriguing.


  1. Hi Wendy, I love this piece of yours and would love to learn how to achieve this trapunto on velvet.
    I live down in Denmark so am a fellow west aussie. Can you please share with me how this is done so I can try it. Many thanks Merylin