Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One course ends and another begins..

I finished off my final paintings for the Magical, mythical makings course that I have been doing at Willowing. It was fairy and unicorn week, the inspiration was Brian Froud. I have one book by him called Lady Cottington's pressed fairy book. It is full of wonderful watercolour and pencil illustrations.

My journal page where I tried to achieve a dark looking forest setting. I used glimmer mist sprays on the background. Some of the goblins look like ET, lol.

The final piece was painted on canvas. It will be my calendar picture for this year. I used a photo of waterlilies that I took a couple of months ago for the setting of my fairies. The fairies were a bit too small for me to put in all the detail I would have liked but I am very happy with the way the waterlilies turned out.

After I finished that course the new, year long, course called Lifebook started. The first page was to do a goddess. I like to use quotes in my art journals because they usually say what I mean in a much better way than I can.

The background for this page was done using paint dabbers and glimmer mist sprays. The goddess is acrylics, pencils and watercolour crayons for the hair. I am happy with the first page of my Lifebook even though, as usual, the eyes seem to be very large. You know what they say...windows to the soul and all that.


  1. Hi. I followed your feature on Willowing and found your blog - your work is fab!
    Have a great year,