Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life book week 8

This weeks lesson was with Mystele. I haven't done this sort of work before but it was fun to play and explore. I can't outline all the steps but I can show you the background and then the finished journal page.

 Background done with gesso, acrylics and glimmer mist sprays.

Final page finished off with watercolour crayons and markers.

This colour palette comes from the Design Seeds website. I have decided to use some of these palettes to pick colours for my art. This is the palette I used for the painting above. I found acrylic paints (I have a big collection of different brands) that were a fairly good match to these colours and used them for the background. I then used watercolour crayons that matched for the details. The only other colours I added were the terracotta pencil I used to sketch with and the blue spray over some of the background to make the girl stand out more. It worked well and I ended up using colours I wouldn't normally pick, like the pink and yellow. I am going to use the Design Seeds a lot more often as an inspirational starting point.


  1. This is an awesome page. I love the background and I love the images. What is Design Seeds?

    1. Thanks Trish. I have added the link to Design Seeds in the side bar on the right. It is run by a lovely lady, Jessica, who is passionate about colour. Each day she finds 4 photos and takes 5 colours from the photos to make a colour palette. She posts them on the site or else emails them in the newsletter. I have decided that when I am doing art I will use one of her palettes as a starting point. I will sometimes need to add 3 extra colours (I usually work with about 8 colours when I am painting) but it will force me to use colours I don't normally pick. I am a little tired of a lot of my work looking the same because of using the same colours all the time.