Monday, February 20, 2012

Lifebook week 6

As I have not been very well I have fallen behind a little with Lifebook. Now that I am on the mend I decided to get my week 6 page finished. It was a little difficult to get motivated because I started the page a while ago. I always find it difficult to finish off something if I have been away from it.

The topic was to do a paint over collage about our achievements. I decided to concentrate on my children. I am very proud of them as adults.The first step is the collage and then I sketched in the bodies. I added a flap to my page because I knew the long quote I found would not fit onto the original page with the two figures on there.

Some of the paper stuck to itself when I folded the flap over but I was not worried about that as the paint will cover it later on. Next I blocked in the colours of the people with acrylic paint.In this photo I started to sketch the male face with a brown pencil.

After sketching in the faces I shaded the figures with waterbased markers. I also used the markers to add the fine detail on the faces. I painted the background with metallic inks that have photographed very dark here. In real life they are semi-transparent and I can still see some of the collage. The dragonflies are stamps. I printed the quote on the computer and then traced it onto the page. I did that because I wanted to make sure it would fit on the page.

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