Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A fun journal page

I have not really done a lot of art over the last week or so. I have cleaned my studio, sorted my pile of books and magazines and bookmarked a lot of ideas in my Somerset magazines to try out.

 My page is inspired by this article in Somerset Apprentice Spring 2013 edition.  The original is done on wood and is quite large. I chose to do a journal page instead. I didn't follow the instructions very much. This is how I did it but if you like the original you can get the magazine from Somerset.

 I started by using matte medium to glue tissue paper (yellow), printed tissue (bird cage) and a brown napkin to the page. I put it on fairly smooth but didn't worry about any wrinkles that were there.

Next I used a rubber brayer (you could use a brush here instead) to roll on some white, yellow and pale brown acrylic paint. I applied the colors randomly and let some of the tissue layer show through. It turned out more yellow than I liked so I sprayed on a little brown Starburst spray. It looks a little spotty in this photo because it was still wet. You can see some of the tissue that wasn't stuck down well has wrinkled. I think it adds more dimension so I let it dry like that.

I drew the shapes I wanted onto the back of some scrapbook papers and tore them out. I didn't want white edges so I tore with the back of the paper facing me. I glued the shapes to the page with white glue. I wanted a bit more lightness so I put a little white paint on a brush and lightly touched it to the raised areas of the sun's rays and some of the flowers.  You can see it in the next photo.

 I used a neocolor water soluble crayon to roughly outline the flowers. I then used a wet paintbrush to soften the lines. In this photo I have softened everything except the two flowers on the right. You can see the line is harsher on those flowers.

I thought it needed more color so I used some of the paint from the flowers around the border of the page. I also stamped some squares and circles on for interest. I printed the quote on my computer then cut it out and colored it with spray.  I glued it to the page and added a little brown outline. It was a fun technique to try.

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