Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Getting caught up with UFOs

No, not the alien type of UFOs. The crafty UnFinished Objects type.  As most of my online classes are finished now I have been finishing off various items around the house. One thing was to prepare our garden for summer with a lot of mulch. That is done now.  

I have re-upholstered 6 dining chairs for my daughter. They took a bit longer than I thought because the original manufacturer had used about 10 thousand staples that had to be removed to put the new fabric on. She is happy with the way they look now and I am happy that I won't have to do any more.

 I was looking for something on my desk and I found these Santa cutouts that I had started last year and I thought to myself 'I should finish these someday'. Then I had a second thought 'Well, why not finish them today?' So that is what I did. Another unfinished object done. The original pattern for these was in the magazine called Quick and Easy painting, Winter 2009.  It is a design by Monika Brint. They are painted on wood shapes that my hubby cut out for me.

 The next project was to replace the doorstops that I made may years ago. I use them to hold the door open when it is windy. I saw a pattern in the Aussie Handmade magazine that I liked so now we have a trio of owls holding the doors for us.

 The other big project I am finishing is a large painting that my son started and soon lost interest in. The canvas is about 2 yards (metres) long by 1.5 yards high. It may take a while....

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