Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Something a little different.

If you have read my blog for a while you will know I like to do many different arts and crafts.  My hubby and I recently repainted several rooms in our home. That has led to a few pieces of furniture needing a bit of attention too.

There was a small cupboard that used to have a painted stained glass style picture on the glass doors. The paint had faded a lot and I decided to scrape off the old picture and do something new.

First I used painters tape to mask off the edge of the glass and make a border on the inside of the door.  I do it on the inside of the door so the outside is still smooth and can be washed.
Next I used gel medium (it doesn't matter what type or brand) with a little white acrylic paint added to it. I laid a stencil onto the glass and used a stiff paint brush to dab the gel mixture onto the glass. When I filled in the whole stencil I carefully lifted it off and let the gel dry. The stencil wasn't big enough to fill the inner area so when it was completely dry I put the stencil down again and used the same mixture to finish off the pattern. Don't do two areas with the stencil at the same time or the first section will smudge. You don't have to use a stencil. I have done it with tape only and made a grid pattern like a paned window.

That is all there is to it. Why don't you try it yourself?

It doesn't matter if the stencilling is not perfect because you don't really notice it when the whole thing is finished. If I get tired of this I can just spray it with water  and use a glass scraper to remove the gel medium.

I have done this technique with plain gel medium on a window to make it look like frosted glass. I used a sponge to apply the gel all over the glass. I tried to take a photo but it doesn't show up well. The reason I added paint this time was so I could partly hide the things in the cupboard.

This cupboard was done in a similar manner. I tore paper to use as a mask so I could get the wavy edge and applied the gel medium with white paint mixture using a sponge.

I then tore strips of textured paper and applied them with wallpaper paste that dries clear. You could also use a watered down acrylic glue (like Elmers or PVA) to apply the paper.

If you stick with acrylic products or glues you can always wet them and scrape them off the glass in the future.

One time I used gift wrap paper to line glass doors in my studio but that has now been changed. The possibilities are endless.

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