Monday, October 27, 2014

More challenge cards.

 I am sharing a few more of the cards I have completed for the 52 card challenge. I have to say this is one of the hardest challenges I have done because some of the words are not very art inspiring for me. I think they would be good writing prompts though or for larger journal pages where you have room to explore a theme better.

 Week 30 - trend. This card is painted with gesso and sprayed with metallics. I then added a chipboard heart from my scrapbooking stash. I embossed it with a cuttlebug and then painted it with metallic acrylics. I was feeling sparkly that day, lol. There is a quote on the back that says: "Don't follow a trend. Follow your heart."

 Week 31 - bracelet.  I sketched out some friendship bracelets on a painted card then coloured them with felt tip markers. I used Tombows because they always turn out a little paler when used over acrylic paint. I wanted a soft look.

 Week 32 - orbit.  The background is painted and then stencilled with Golden fluid acrylic for a shiny look. I added the quote and printed photo later.

Week 33 - low.  I found this quote with low in it to inspire this card. Simply painted with acrylics and a little pencil outlining.

Week 34 - dial.  I used flat acrylics for the background and stencilled on some Luminarte silks glaze for the shiny pattern.  I sketched out the phone and painted it with acrylics and some silver pen. I miss the sound of old phones that had dials.

Week 35 - wallflower.  I found this part of a poem that I decided to use for my card. I had a collage image of a women's head and bust that looked like it fit the poem so I cut it out to use. I had to lengthen the body with acrylics and add a little more hair but you can't really tell. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

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