Sunday, July 31, 2011

A new journal page

I have started working on a new painting project so I probably won't be making too many small items in the next month or so but I will try to show a few older things I have made. Today's post is about the most recent pair of journal pages I have completed.

It is another one of the techniques demonstrated by Journal Artista. I will outline the steps:

1. Cover the page with gesso. I did this very quickly so it was a little uneven.

2. When dry spray the page with water then drop on various colors of watercolor paint. I used blue and green Golden brand paints. They have a lot of pigment in and spread over a large area. Use a paint brush to quickly spread them over the whole page, taking care not to blend them too much. The  paint brush marks will disappear in the next step.

3. Scrunch up a piece of plastic lunch wrap (you could also use a plastic shopping bag) that is big enough to cover the whole page. Spread it out over the painted page while the paint is still wet. You can move the paint around a little underneath the plastic if you want to blend it a little more. Do this by rubbing the plastic so the paint moves. Leave the plastic on to dry overnight.

4. The next day peel off the plastic and admire your wonderful background. It may need a little further drying out if the plastic kept the page too wet.

I then finished off my page by brushing on a little gesso in a couple of areas so I could write on them. I used my shell drawings I had done as an experiment to decorate the pages. You can see the first page was one of the flocked papers. The flocking picked up most of the paint but there is still some of the plastic textured background there too.

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