Sunday, January 5, 2014

52 Card challenge

As I am doing less classes this year I am able to take part in more challenges. I like challenges because they inspire while allowing me to create in my own style. I have decided to do the 52 card challenge organised by Kelly Hoernig. The idea is to make one card per week for the whole year. It should be easy to keep up.
If you are not familiar with Kelly's work she has a blog at 
Kelly has done a video explaining the challenge on Vimeo at
You just sign up to the facebook group and start making cards using the given word as a prompt, then load them up to facebook so everyone can admire your beautiful work.

The first week has the word 'box' as a prompt. I am starting off the year using quotes to inspire the art. I say starting off because I may not continue using them all year. A woman is allowed to change her mind, lol.

I am using a deck of jumbo playing cards that I had in my stash. I can't even remember why I bought them but I think I was going to use them for scrapbooking. I am glad I didn't now because it probably would have been a pretty horrible scrapbook page. I have used Mod Podge to glue tissue paper to one side of the cards. I used any colour I could find because it will probably be painted over anyway.

When the back had dried I painted the other side with gesso. I sanded the card first to remove that layer of plastic that cards have. It helps the gesso stick better. I tried using a cheap gesso first but it wasn't sticking well so I switched to a higher quality gesso.  It went on smoother and gave me better coverage. I did all 52 cards to save time later in the year. They did curl up when I gessoed but as they dried they went flat again.

My first card was given a coat of Adirondack acrylic called Pool. It was all one colour so while it was wet I brushed on some white paint and blended it into the aqua. I didn't blend it all over so it looks more interesting. 

When it dried I did the same on the tissue paper side. This one had yellow tissue paper that you can still see a little of around the edges. Some of the tissue paper was scrunched before I glued it down so there is a bit of texture.

I used scraps of paper to cut out crayon shapes. I made the box with two pieces of paper.  I folded the back to look more real and glued it down. Then I glued the front box shape on leaving the top curve unglued. You can't see it here but I put a few scraps of paper into the fake box to make it 3D. I used pens to add shadows, outlines and highlights. Notice how the crayons go off the card. I think it makes the image more interesting to look at.

The back of the card has the quote I found at quote garden that inspired this card. I wrote with a marker than outlined with a fineliner pen. I added a few white pen highlights and a border.

This first card is done. I won't be sticking with one particular style all year. I want to experiment a lot. Come and join in the fun. You don't have to be an established artist, beginners are welcome.  The group is very friendly and supportive. I like that.

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